Paranormal Activity Is Coming Paranormal Back-tivity

Paranormal Activity Is Coming Paranormal Back-tivity
Get ready for more standing and looking. (Screenshot: Paramount Pictures)

Six years after declaring the series as dead as Micah at the end of the first Paranormal Activity (apologies for 14-year-old spoilers), Paramount Pictures and producers Jason Blum and original writer/director Oren Peli have resurrected the franchise.

The new film, which is set to release next year, will be directed by Underwater’s Will Eubank with a screenplay from Happy Death Day director Christopher Landon. Landon is no newbie to the series, having penned two good Activity sequels as writer of Paranormal Activities 2, 3, 4, and The Marked Ones. Most recently, he brought us the delightful Freaky.

The reboot will be, as Hollywood Reporter relays, an “unexpected retooling” of the franchise. Hopefully this means no more Toby and that Katie, Kristi, and their family get a damn break already.

The Paranormal Activity reboot has a U.S. release date of March 4, 2022.