Optus Now Has NBN Plans With Boosted Wifi to Cover Your Whole House

Optus Now Has NBN Plans With Boosted Wifi to Cover Your Whole House
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With so many people working from home, the need for a consistent internet connection is essential. However, as some have discovered, their current internet set up may not be as strong as they once thought – especially if there are multiple people under the one roof, all fighting to maintain a consistent latency. To help everyone in your household stay online, Optus has recently rolled out a series of “all-in-one” NBN bundles that have been specifically designed to provide families and large households with strong and reliable internet.

These Optus bundles are available for the NBN 50 and NBN 100 plans, which have typical evening speeds of 45Mbps, and 90Mpbs, respectively.

To help maintain these speeds throughout your home, these Optus plans also come bundled with an Ultra WiFi modem (with 4G backup) and a new Ultra WiFi Booster, which will help make sure the internet signal can reach every corner of your home.

While these plans are advertised with families in mind, if you’re currently living in a share house this increased connectivity could be beneficial. Especially if your house’s WiFi is getting a frequent work out because majority of your room mates are working from home.

These plans also come with a Fetch Mini with a three month free upgrade to 45+ channel Ultimate Pack, along with an Optus Sports subscription at no extra charge. Both NBN plans are contract free, so you can leave anytime you want.

The NBN 50 plan will set you back $79 per month for the first 12 months you’re with Optus, before bumping up to $85 per month after the discount period ends. The NBN 100 plan also has a similar discount offer – it’ll cost you $99 per month for the first 12 months, and then $105 per month thereafter.

You’ll also have to pay an additional $99 up front for both plans to cover the cost of the modem and WiFi booster.

Both of these offers are available until April 4, so you have a bit of time to mull it over. But if your current internet set up is straining under its current requirements for work and leisure, giving it an extra boost with these Optus plans could be the solution you need.

Optus NBN 50 Family Internet Plan

Optus NBN 100 Family Internet Plan