Nvidia GeForce Now Game Streaming Just Got Support for Apple’s M1 Chips

Nvidia GeForce Now Game Streaming Just Got Support for Apple’s M1 Chips
Screenshot: Nvidia

While Apple is still working on its big two-year transition to homegrown Apple chips, even in these early days software developers are already porting their apps over, with Nvidia having just added support for M1 Macs to its GeForce Now game streaming client.

Last autumn, Nvidia rolled out support for GeForce Now on iPhones and iPads via Safari, and while users were able to simulate the process on Macs by editing their user agent string, the experience wasn’t properly optimised, which often resulted in less than ideal performance.

However, in GeForce Now version 2.0.27, not only is Nvidia adding beta support for game streaming via Google Chrome on both Windows and macOS, Nvidia has also updated its native GeForce Now macOS app to include support for M1-based Macs. That means users with M1-based MacBooks or Mac Minis will have two ways to stream games from the cloud using GeForce Now, along with Google Stadia, which has been available on M1 Macs since release.

In fact, while it’s technically still in early access, Mac users can also stream games using Amazon’s Luna game streaming service, for a total of three different providers for streaming games from the cloud.

In addition to added support for Chrome, the latest update to GeForce Now also includes a new way to invite friends to your games by simply sending them a special URL generated inside Chrome. Alternatively, on iPhones and iPads, Nvidia says game invites created by the Share option can be sent to friends sing apps including iMessage, Whatsapp, and others.

Elsewhere, in other Apple news, Apple recently released a new Chrome extension for Windows that allows to you more easily access your saved iCloud passwords on a non-Mac PC. The extension is designed to carry over passwords store in iCloud, while also syncing any passwords created on your Windows machine with the rest of your Apple devices using iCloud Keychain.