Netflix Is Turning the Redwall Books Into an Animated Movie and Series

Netflix Is Turning the Redwall Books Into an Animated Movie and Series
Redwall development art. (Image: Pierre Breton/Netflix)

In what might come as a very pleasant surprise to people who were looking forward to Disney’s now-cancelled adaptation of Mouse Guard, Netflix and Penguin Random House are stepping up to the plate to bring a new spin on Brian Jacques’ Redwall series into the world.

Today, Netflix announced that it’s tapped Over the Garden Wall writer Patrick McHale to script a new feature length animated movie about the anthropomorphic, peace-loving prey animals of Redwall and Mossflower who spend their days doing the sorts of things that rabbits, mice, and moles are wont to do when they aren’t being pulled into war.

In addition to a proper Redwall film following the events of Mathias the mouse’s life, Netflix also plans to produce a series chronicling the adventures of Martin the Warrior, one of the few characters to frequently pop up across multiple of Jacques’ books, which all take place across a rather vast timeline that reaches far back before Redwall’s founding.

Depending on the style and tone that Netflix’s upcoming Redwall movie book and series take, they could end up being impressive action epics about animal with tiny pointy weapons, or something much more family friendly that tries to shy away from the horror of war in favour of something more palatable. No further production details about the projects have been announced as of yet, but one imagines that Netflix is already busy working on getting these mouse tales off the ground.