How to Fix Twitter’s Dark Mode Issues

How to Fix Twitter’s Dark Mode Issues
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Twitter has gone dark. A new update to Twitter’s desktop interface has been switching people over to very dark mode.

Users have reported seeing the usual deep blue of their dark mode switch to pitch-black while using the desktop version of Twitter. Others reported their interface switching to light mode without their authorisation. It’s a small change, yet so very inconvenient.

Twitter told The Verge that this is part of a planned update that’s in the process of rolling out to make the Twitter website respond to the preferences of a user’s operating system. But if you saw your pleasant dark mode theme change without your consent in the past day or so, that’s a bug.

If you’ve been affected it’s possibly due to your Twitter theme being set to Dim or Lights Out mode while your OS preferences are set to light mode.

At present Twitter has three thematic settings. Default or ‘light’ mode, Dim, which is a milder dark mode, and Lights Out which brings out the pure black background.

This change seems to automatically select Lights Out mode as the default dark mode on Twitter. But if you miss the old dark blue of Twitter, there’s still a way to fix it.

How to change your Twitter display

If you were hit by this bug, there is, thankfully a very easy fix. If you weren’t, let’s all learn how to change our dark mode settings. This is how to do it:

  1. In your sidebar on Twitter, select More.
  2. Go to Display.
  3. In Background, select either Default, Dim or Lights Out.
  4. Select done to apply changes.

After you’ve done this, Twitter should remember your theme for future and, hopefully, won’t attack you with blinding light mode unannounced.

You can also change your accent colours in display settings on desktop if the Twitter blue isn’t for you.