Godzilla’s New Singular Point Anime Design Is Armed to the Teeth

Godzilla’s New Singular Point Anime Design Is Armed to the Teeth
Image: Netflix

We received our first look at the star of Netflix’s upcoming Godzilla: Singular Point a couple of weeks ago, and determined his newest design to be both winning and thigh-ful. However, it turns out the King of the Monsters had another hidden surprise — or, er, several thousand surprises, all located in his mouth.

Because my goodness, that’s a lot of teeth.

Image: Netflix Image: Netflix

This stunning exposé comes to us thanks to a new Japanese poster for Singular Point, which really channels the kinetic energy the show seems to be going for (note Jet Jaguar, who could be considered dentally gifted himself, sort of tucked into the upper-left corner). It also has the number “69″ written on it a lot — about which the less said the better, most likely.

Those chompers, though…hoo boy. I don’t have any issue with Godzilla having multiple rows of teeth like a shark, although it’s certainly a unique design decision for the Big G. It’s those two fangs that seem to just be hanging out on his cheeks that really have me perplexed, especially since they were kind of hard to see in the original reveal. Here, they’re…well, in your face.

Maybe they’ll look less jarring in motion, whenever Singular Point arrives on Netflix in Australia.

Since it’s hitting Japan on March 25, we probably won’t have too long to wait and see for ourselves.