Funko’s Turning Fast and Furious Into a Board Game

Funko’s Turning Fast and Furious Into a Board Game
Now imagine this with much more dice rolling. (Image: Funko Games)

The Fast and Furious franchise has gone from heist movies to ridiculous heist movies, to superhero spinoffs, to possibly actually going to space for a bit. But maybe one of its most peculiar jumps yet? Tabletop gaming.

Today, Funko Games (a.k.a. seasoned board game designers Prospero Hall) announced a host of new licensed board games, including a sports-trivia/dexterity game mashup based on ESPN and a new all-ages match game using Disney Princess characters. But perhaps the weirdest of all is a new co-operative tabletop adventure game that asks you to pull off your own Fast and Furious heist with…a significantly smaller budget.

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The budget is zero. Well, actually, it’s about $40 (the cost of Fast & Furious: Highway Heist), which nets you all the little plastic supercars you’ll need to go on increasingly audacious vehicular stunt fests. Highway Heist casts 2-4 players as various stars of the Fast universe — including Dom, Brian, Letty, Roman, and others — rolling dice to swerve their cars and fling their drivers around in each scenario as they attempt to keep themselves from crashing into a billion pieces to save the day.

Image: Funko Games Image: Funko Games

To encourage replicability beyond the three scenarios — asking gamers to do everything from ram a semi-truck filled with precious loot, to stopping a tank, to bringing down a helicopter shooting fire down from above — the game separates driver and vehicle stats so players can mix and match their heroes and rides to gain different abilities and access to new skills.

There’s something inherently ludicrous about trying to bring the fast-paced, high-octane explosionfests of the Fast franchise to a methodical strategy board game, but what is the Fast franchise if not inherently ludicrous? If it can give us metahuman Idris Elba, it can give us a boardgame.

Highway Heist is set to release in May.

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