Ford F-150 Raptor Supposedly Lands Eight Sweet Jumps And Drives Away

Ford F-150 Raptor Supposedly Lands Eight Sweet Jumps And Drives Away

Ford’s F-150 Raptor is a favourite for off-roaders wanting to give their pickups the fullest send. However, the trucks weren’t always up to the task of massive airtime jumps. If this awesome jump is anything to go by, the new Raptor is properly tough.

When the first-generation Raptor launched, many owners exposed them to the kind of hardcore off-roading that is normally reserved for an off-road racing truck. Unfortunately, these Raptor owners started experiencing bent frames and blown airbags. One Raptor was destroyed in an infamous viral video where it launched off of a jump at the Rednecks with Paychecks off-road park.

Well, it appears the new Raptor takes some jumping antics into account as one was allegedly jumped eight times during the filming of a commercial.

In a now-deleted video posted to Instagram by 395Jeep, what appears to be a new F-150 Raptor can be seen getting some gigantic air. The original caption read:

I worked this commercial two weeks ago of new Raptor that was released today. This was one of eight jumps and Stock Raptor drove away.

The video has been re-uploaded by many Raptor-loving accounts.

I love jumping cars and trucks whenever I get the chance, but landings are rarely kind to whichever vehicle drew the short straw on that day. If this video is true, that means the new Raptor is definitely a very strong truck. The airtime it gets is so stupendous that it takes off like a plane. I also love how the camera truck also appears to be a Raptor.

I’m not surprised that the original video was taken down. You don’t usually see what happens behind the scenes at a commercial unless the production wants you to see it. That said, it does look pretty legit. Check out the jump in the reveal video for the new truck.

I reached out to Ford and these Instagram accounts for any additional details. The original poster did not comment and the ones that reposted only confirmed that they were not the original poster.