Everything We Know About Android 12 So Far

Everything We Know About Android 12 So Far
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Android 11 may have only been released a few months back, but it’s already time to look forward to Android 12.

Google’s next operating system probably won’t be released until closer to September 2021. While we wait, we’ve rounded up a list of every rumour, leak and fact that’s come out about Android 12 so far.

We’ll continue to update this list as more information comes to light so remember to keep checking back for the latest info!

Android 12 design

Leaked screenshots posted by XDA Developers have revealed some potentially big design changes for Android 12. The images are said to come from an early draft of the OS sent out to developers.

The pictures show a redesign for Android’s Quick Settings and Notifications pages with more spaced out icons and extra privacy indicators. It also seems Google may be introducing a conversations widget to easily pick up things like messages and calls across different apps.

Theming system

9to5 Google comes through once again with this rumour that a deeper theming system is in the works for Android 12. Apparently, users will be able to select a primary colour and an accent colour that will then be reflected throughout the rest of Android.

This goes deeper by allowing app developers to access an individual’s colour scheme and tailor their app to match. It should create a more seamless thematic transition while using Android 12.

A notifications redesign is also being tested, as per the first beta. It’s getting a new layout for the notifications shade as well as faster animations.

Google is also wanting to speed up app launching by encouraging developers to use Activity triggers to launch them directly, rather than using ‘trampolines’.

Android 12 Features

App Hibernation

A leak from XDA Developers suggests that Android 12 will hibernate apps that are not in use. The feature will apparently clear cache files of apps that aren’t being actively used to generate more storage space.

Google devs also hinted at ‘package level hibernation’ which could imply other tactics such as compression of apps to provide more space.

Storage space fills up quickly on phones these days as image and app files become larger and of a higher quality. So any shortcut to save space sounds like a good idea.


The popular, and frequently forgotten, double-tap feature could be returning to Android devices if the rumours are true. For unknown reasons the double-tap, sometimes known as the ‘Columbus’ tap, was pulled from Android 11, so here’s hoping it makes a triumphant return.

If 9to5Google is to be believed, Android 12 will bring back the double-tap gesture which will link to a handful of functions such as activating Google assistant, screenshots, pause/play media, opening notifications and opening recent apps.

App pairs

App pairs is essentially a revamped version of split-screen. This function on Android 12 is said to group apps together as one task rather than pinning one app at a time.

App pairs will allow users to pick two recently used apps to ‘pair’. This should then allows users to easily swap between apps by foregrounding one app with the other running in the background. 9to5Google has a visual mockup of this if you want a better idea.

Media Transcoding

The developer beta has revealed that Android 12 is getting a media transcoding feature that makes it easier to convert videos to HEVC. To improve general image quality.

It’s also getting support for the AV1 Image File Format (AVIF), which means you get better quality and smaller file sizes due to improved compression.

Project Mainline

Google is adding to its support Project Mainline to enable devs to optimise apps for foldables, tablets and Android TV. This will include new toggleable settings menu for debugging.


Google is adding new controls to enable improved cookie behaviour, better tracking and improved protection when it comes to apps exporting what you’re up to.

Third-party app stores

This news comes from an update in an Android developers blog post which says that Android 12 will improve access to multiple app stores. Android already allows users to download apps from stores other than the Google Play home base, but this is set to get easier in the next OS.

The post says “we will be making changes in Android 12 to make it even easier for people to use other app stores on their devices while being careful not to compromise the safety measures Android has in place.”

Android 12 release

The first Android developer beta is now available!

As for the rest of us, Google IO is also set for May, 2021. This is when we will likely see the first public beta get released, as well as more about what is in store for Android 12.

If previous years are anything to go by we’re expecting Android 12 to officially release around September 2021. It will first be available on Google Pixel devices.