Dbrand Dares Sony to Sue Over Its New Black Faceplates for the PS5

Dbrand Dares Sony to Sue Over Its New Black Faceplates for the PS5
Screenshot: Dbrand

Months after its debut, the PS5’s design remains highly divisive, and while Sony has already shut down one accessory maker who tried making aftermarket panels for the PS5, Dbrand is now daring Sony to sue over its new matte black PS5 faceplates.

Called Darkplates, Dbrand’s new PS5 addon isn’t just a sticker you can use to cover up the PS5’s stock white exterior, they’re full matte black plastic replacement panels that attach to the PS5 using the same grooves Sony uses to secure the default white side covers.

While some people might worry about tinkering with their expensive new console, Dbrand jokingly claims that “99.98% of humans can successfully install Darkplates,” suggesting that even people typically afraid of modifying their game console should have no issue swapping out the PS5’s stock side panels for Dbrand’s Darkplates.

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But where things get extra spicy is all the extra language Dbrand has littered across the Darkplates website practically begging Sony to file a lawsuit for violating Sony’s patent and intellectual property (or at the very least send out a cease and desist) — a fate encountered by fellow accessory maker Customise My Plates last year.

Screenshot: Dbrand Screenshot: Dbrand

Right under the Darkplates header image, Dbrand even added a line saying “Go ahead, sue us,” while the microtexture Dbrand feature on its side panels serves as another jab at Sony, with Dbrand replacing Sony’s circle, triangle, square, and x icons with “familiar-but-legally-distinct apocalyptic spin on the classic PlayStation button shapes.”

Available for the standard PS5 (with an option for the PS5 Digital Edition “coming soon”), Dbrand’s Darkplates look to be exactly what many gamers have been asking for since Sony first unveiled the PS5’s controversial two-toned black and white façade. However, they won’t come cheap as the two matte black side panels plus an adhesive middle skin (available in six different patterns) currently costs about $80 (apparently discounted from $100). That’s basically the same price as a game, which might force people to choose between buying a new title for their PS5 or upgrading its looks.

Screenshot: Dbrand Screenshot: Dbrand

But I have to admit, the PS5 looks pretty slick in all black, and it seems I’m not the only one who thinks that way as Dbrand’s Darkplates first three waves of orders have already sold out, with the next available wave expected to ship sometime in May.

Still, for anyone who truly can’t stand the PS5’s stock design, you might want to act fast. Despite Dbrand’s confident taunts, it’s hard to say how long Darkplates will be available before Sony’s legal team decides to get involved.