Apple Maps Will Soon Get Waze’s Best Features

Apple Maps Will Soon Get Waze’s Best Features
Image: Gizmodo/Apple

Features familiar to the Waze crowd are coming soon to Apple Maps.

Available now for developer and public beta users running iOS 14.5, and rolling out to all users later this autumn, the new features will allow passengers and drivers to easily report a speed check, accident, or any kind of hazard they encounter while driving. As the feature is meant to be hands-free for those behind the wheel, users can alert Siri to the incident either with a voice command on their iPhone or, if supported, using CarPlay.

To prompt the assistant, just say, “Hey Siri, report…” followed by the event, whether that be an accident, hazard, speech check, speed trap, or just “incident.” Beta users who have the feature will also be able to say things like, “There’s a crash up ahead,” or, “There’s a speed trap here.” Siri will be able to understand commands like “the hazard is gone” or “clear the accident,” as well, and users can also tell Siri things like, “the accident is still here.”

Beyond the reporting features, Apple Maps is getting a few other changes as well. Apple has added Cycling Routes for Portland and San Diego, which will show users routes with bike-friendly streets, bike paths, and designated bike lanes. (These features are currently available for Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City, too.) The tool allows riders to check for things like elevation and busy areas, and Siri can navigate your bike route on an iPhone, Apple Watch, or with AirPods.

Lastly, the company continues to expand on its Guides in Maps, which offer tips on where to hike, eat, shop, and adventure. Apple says Maps now features more than 500 of these curated Guides, but they’re automatically updated with new ones added every week.