Airstream’s Travel Trailers Now Include Tiny Offices Because You Can Never Escape Work

Airstream’s Travel Trailers Now Include Tiny Offices Because You Can Never Escape Work

One of the many side effects of the pandemic is that it demonstrated to corporate businesses that employees can effectively work from almost anywhere. This realisation could be both good and horrible, but in one case, it’s a little more the latter. Airstream is now putting miniature offices into its travel trailers so you can keep on working even while you’re on holiday. Hooray?

Today Airstream revealed a new floor plan option for its Flying Cloud 30FB trailer that incorporates a well appointed office space in the back corner. It’s not gigantic — even most cubicles offer a little more breathing room — but it’s not bad either, given Airstream has managed to cram an entire mobile apartment into an oversized metal Twinkie.

The office includes multiple USB ports on the desk, a pop-up power tower for plugging in a laptop or a lamp, drawers, storage compartments, cable management, retractable extra desk space, and overhead storage covered in dry-erase boards so you can brainstorm ideas or jot down reminders. The tiny office even has a rolling swivel office chair with a tie-down strap so it doesn’t break free of the space while the trailer is being towed, and three windows so you can watch your family having fun at the lake while you wrap up those TPS reports. In lieu of a door on the office, Airstream includes a sound-blocking curtain divider that allows you to take calls while not disturbing those who are actually trying to relax.

The proximity to the bathroom isn’t ideal, but in a 9 metre trailer everything is technically very close to the bathroom. Even with the office option, Airstream promises the trailer can still sleep six people — the tiny sofa in the office can be expanded to create a small bed. It also means that not even sleep can take you away from work, which is another touch companies will probably appreciate.

The Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB trailers start at $US107,500 ($141,846), which isn’t cheap, but even if you can’t completely abandon work for some R&R, at least the views from this office could be spectacular depending on where you park for the night. As an alternative, however, you could spend a couple hundred bucks on a nice tent that doesn’t include USB ports, Wi-Fi, white boards, or even a place to crack open your laptop, and, you know, actually take some time off.