Exactly Which LG Gram Laptops Are Coming to Australia

Exactly Which LG Gram Laptops Are Coming to Australia

Ahead of CES 2021, LG announced a suite new ultra lightweight ‘Gram’ laptops. This usually wouldn’t mean much for us Aussies. It’s been years since LG brought its laptops Down Under. But that’s about to change — and we know which ones are coming.

LG Gram Specs

LG announced five new ‘Gram’ devices for 2021 – a regular laptop in three different sizes (14-inch, 16-inch and 17-inch) as well as two 2-in-1 versions (14-inch and 16-inch).

The specs are largely the same across the entire range. They all have a 16:10 aspect ratio (perhaps this is in vogue this year, the new HP Envy 14 has the same), Intel Core 11th gen processor, Intel Iris X GPU and 8-16GB of RAM.

They also all have Thunderbolt and USB 4, a fingerprint reader and two M2 NVMe SSD slots.

While there are some slight spec variations across the range, such as the battery, the most significant differences are the weights.

The entry level 14-inch Gram lives up to the name, coming in at 999g. From there the 16-inch is 1.19kg and the 17-inch is 1.35kg.

The 2-in-1 versions are on the heftier side, though still very light. The 14-inch is 1.25kg while the 16-inch 1.48kg.

Here’s a full table of specs:

Which ones are coming to Australia?

lg gram australia

Over the last few days it has been unclear which ones will be coming to Australia.

LG has now confirmed with Gizmodo that we will be getting the 14-inch, 16-inch and 17-inch Gram laptops sometime in the first quarter of 2021. So that’s bad luck if you had your fingers crossed for a 2-in-1.

We don’t know what the pricing will be like yet, but LG said in a media briefing on Monday that the Gram is a premium product at the higher end of the market. However, one representative said it would have “good pricing.”

Another representative also confirmed that these laptops would not be playing in the $899 to $1,000 laptop price bracket. They also said that the Gram should be considered to be a “different category to the normal Notebook market.”

It will be super interesting to see how LG does re-entering the Australian laptop market. There’s some hot competition out there, but at least LG is coming in swinging. The 2021 Gram has already won a CES innovation award, and that has us paying attention.

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