Watch Tom Holland Thwip Around Disneyland’s New Spider-Man Ride

Watch Tom Holland Thwip Around Disneyland’s New Spider-Man Ride
Get your spider-pose game ready for...sometime this year, hopefully? (Gif: Disney Parks)

Considering he’s in it, it’s probably only fair that Tom Holland gets to ride the new Spider-Man ride at Disney California Adventure way, way before the rest of us actually will at this point.

In a parallel world where the world was slightly less miserable than it actually was last year, anyone going to Disneyland California Adventure starting in July last year could’ve already had the chance to ride Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure, the centrepiece ride at the park’s brand new MCU-themed area, Avengers Campus. Instead, you got no theme park ride and the chance to catch a highly infectious disease, so, womp womp!

But while you wait for vaccinations and for Avengers Campus to actually open at some point, Disney has released a new video to whet your appetite for livin’ on the edge, fighting crime, and spinning webs in a theme-park-based environment. Going behind-the-scenes as actor Tom Holland reprises his role as Peter Parker for the ride, you get a glimpse of the actor being suitably flustered against a green screen, and a few looks at the ride itself in action.

In the story of Avengers Campus, Peter has set up W.E.B. (the Worldwide Engineers Brigade), hoping to step into his father figure Tony Stark’s shoes and inspire a new generation of geniuses to use technology to save the world, because that worked so well the last few times in Marvel movies. Anyway, Web Slingers will see riders cast as budding new members of the initiative that see themselves flung into action when the new Spider-Bots Peter’s developed start going haywire, leading to Spider-Man recruiting you all as temporary webslingers to contain the rampaging drones.

It all looks very cute, even if we don’t have a clue just when we’ll actually get to experience it ourselves at this point. While Disneyland currently does have a potential road to re-opening under California’s current covid-19 guidelines, it’s a long way off from actually doing so, and that doesn’t necessarily mean Avengers Campus will be open from the get-go either. Right now, the park’s better suited to distribute vaccines than it is play host to a bunch of budding spider-wannabes, anyway.