Watch the Striking Trailer for Ukrainian Sci-Fi Film Atlantis

Watch the Striking Trailer for Ukrainian Sci-Fi Film Atlantis
From Atlantis. (Image: Grasshopper Films)

The country of Ukraine is entering a visually striking, politically vibrant science fiction film for this year’s Foreign Film Oscar category. The trailer is something else.

Taking place in a near-future Ukraine, this film imagines the fallout of a terrible war between the Ukraine and Russia. A war that, well, is based on reality, specifically the ongoing conflict between Russia and the Ukraine over the territory of Crimea. In this version of the story, the Ukraine wins. But not easily, and not without consequence.

Distributed by Grasshoper Film and directed by Valentyn Vasyanovych, it’s a visually arresting showing. Taking place in 2025, it’s a story of nuclear disaster, love, and the surreal desolation of life after war. It seems, authentically, really beautiful.

After an impressive international festival showing, the movie is premiering in the United States at the NYC Metrograph Theatre in January 22, 2021. Here’s hoping it also his streaming sometime soon, because it’s worth a watch.