Vivaldi Delivers Two-Level Tab Stacking Feature for Tab Hoarders

Vivaldi Delivers Two-Level Tab Stacking Feature for Tab Hoarders
Image: Vivaldi

What’s better than one tab bar? Two, obviously.

Vivaldi, the highly personalised browser, announced today a new two-level tab stacks feature that introduces a second tab bar in Vivaldi 3.6. The company already supports plenty of customisation features to keep tabs organised, including the ability to group tabs together and orient them vertically. With double-deck tab stacking, though, you can max-out the number of tabs you have open at once without reducing them to impossibly tiny icons. Honestly, it’s a wonder that more browsers don’t support this feature.

To enable two-level stacking, head to Vivaldi’s settings menu and select tabs. From this page, you should see a section for tab stacking that will give you the option to choose between compact stacking or two-level organisation. Select two-level, and then go wild.

Doubling up your tab bar is a fantastic way to stay organised when multitasking, particularly for projects that require multiple tabs to be open from the same source. When shrunk down in a row with dozens of other tabs, it can be tricky to navigate to the correct page. This may not be a feature for everybody, particularly folks working on small-ish displays (or, judging by the fury in Slack today, half of Gizmodo’s staff). But if you’re tab hoarding already, this feature will likely make your life a whole lot easier.

One of the things that makes Vivaldi so neat is the ability to display tabs off to either side of the browser window (or even on the bottom). When two-level tab stacks is enabled with side orientation, you will see two tabs columns rather than just one. Again, this is a useful tool for users who need to be able to read the titles of each tab to keep them organised.

“There’s a variety of options: from placing tabs at the top, bottom, or to the side to rounding the corners of your tabs. The thoughtful structure and design benefit everyone from first-time Vivaldi users to the most demanding pros,” Vivaldi chief Jon von Tetzchner said in a statement.

Other features Vivaldi supports include tab hot keys, tab searching, pinned websites, recovered tabs, and tab tiling. Basically, if you’re a serious tab hoarder desperately seeking better workflow management tools, run, don’t walk. I’ll see you there.