9 Valentine’s Day Tech Gifts for Under $50

9 Valentine’s Day Tech Gifts for Under $50
Image: iStock/Handemandaci
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The most romantic time of year is fast approaching. If you’re scrambling to think of the perfect, meaningful Valentine’s Day gift, we’ve put together a few helpful suggestion that won’t break the bank.

Key tracker ($36.99)

Is your significant other always losing their shit? Or more importantly, are they always losing your shit? Grab them a key tracker, and they’ll never lose anything again. These nifty, portable tracker can be attached to anything you like, keeping it safe, sound and extremely findable. These devices send out an RF signal from the transmitter that trigger an alert sound on the receiver, and can be used to locate items up to 15 to 35 metres away, depending on the environment. How romantic.

Selfie stick ($34.98)

Selfie sticks have a bad reputation. They get in the way at tourist destinations, and they often signal the arrival of rambunctious teens ” but actually, selfie sticks are good, particularly if your significant other is tall. With these handy devices, you can make sure your couples photos are cute and inclusive!

White noise machine ($39.99)

Amongst the hubbub of everyday life, sometimes all you want is a slice of peace and quiet. A white noise machine can help you or your partner achieve that, sending you both off to sleep with the most calming of sounds ” silence. As fun as it is to enjoy time with your partner, particularly on Valentine’s Day, ending it on a quiet note can be nice, too.

Cable organiser ($18.99)

There’s nothing more romantic than completely organised cables, is there? Between you and your partner, you likely have a fleet of miscellaneous cables, chargers, plugs and more. A carry case is not only a nice gift, it’s also a practical one, and it might just save their cable woes. If you plan on travelling, a gift like this is essential ” nearly everybody has panic-stuffed a cable or two in their carry-on luggage and wound up with a big mess on the other end. A cable organiser is a great solution.

TP-Link smart plug ($38.10)

Smart plugs are rad little devices, and they can be extremely helpful, particularly for those often on the go or working out of an office. This smart plug is compatible with Alex and Google Assistant, and can be set to turn on any appliances when convenient. If you’re cooking food in a pressure cooker or similar device, it can control the power regulation to these devices, making sure your perfect, home-cooked Valentine’s Day meal is piping hot and ready to go when you get home.

Retro phone case ($39.99)

If your significant other is a gamer from way back, they’ll definitely appreciate this slick looking phone case, designed to emulate classic consoles of the past. Plus, it’ll replace whatever scuffed, manky-looking thing they’re currently sporting on their phone. It’s cute, fun and a great gift idea.

Star Wars LEGO ($42.20)

If you’re a regular Gizmodo reader, there’s a strong chance you or your significant other will like the Star Wars franchise. LEGO’s Star Wars sets come in a range of shapes, sizes and prices, but they do have a cool and affordable range for the more casual fans. We rather like this The Mandalorian-themed set, which features Mando, Grogu and a Tusken Raider on Tatooine. It’s small enough that it could fit nicely as a desk ornament. This Valentine’s Day gift is the way to your partner’s heart.

International travel adapter ($29.99)

This travel adapter is perfect for anyone who likes to travel, or is looking to streamline their life. With multiple outlets for every global power plug and USB compatibility, it’s an essential little tool, and a very thoughtful addition to your partner’s tech arsenal. Being able to compress any stray cables, plugs and chargers into one device is a wonderful gift.

Fairy lights ($10.95)

It’s a romance movie cliche, but fairy lights make for pretty cute decorations, and filling a room with 10 metres of them is a pretty rad Valentine’s Day gift. Spice up any evening with the addition of these bad boys. They can fit anywhere, from the kitchen to the dining room, or even the bedroom. They’re cute, don’t take up much power, and their comforting glow makes any space seem more inviting. Pair them up with a smart plug, and you can set the tone of your evening however you like!