Titans Has Found Its Batgirl

Titans Has Found Its Batgirl
Welcome to Gotham City, Savannah Welch! (Image: Araya Diaz, Getty Images)

Barbara Gordon is on the case for the third season of DC Universe’s Titans series, and the show has found itself a Batgirl in Savannah Welch.

Variety reports that Welch — best known for her roles in Six, Tree of Life, and Boyhood, and her work as a disability advocate following the amputation of one of her legs in 2016 — has been tapped to play the Batfamily icon in the upcoming season of the streaming show. She’ll be playing an older version of Barbara inspired by her most famous and controversial comics story, The Killing Joke: one that has put down the mantle of Batgirl after being disabled in a horrifying act of trauma by the Joker.

Now the Police Commissioner in Gotham, like her father before her, Titans’ Barbara has given up the life of costumed vigilantism and turned her back on Bruce Wayne (which is fair, Titans’ Bruce is quite the jerk), until Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites), now in his role as Nightwing, returns to Gotham to not just rekindle his romance with Barbara, but bring her back into a new crime-fighting partnership.

Titans is set to return sometime this year.