The Next Game of Thrones Spinoff May Be Animated

The Next Game of Thrones Spinoff May Be Animated
There could be a lot more dragons in a Game of Thrones animated show. (Photo: HBO)

The world of Game of Thrones continues to expand. House of the Dragon. Tales of Dunk and Egg. And, if things work out, an animated series too.

The Hollywood Reporter says WarnerMedia executives have been meeting with writers to discuss a potential animated Game of Thrones series for HBO Max. Nothing is official yet and there’s a chance if the right idea isn’t found, it may not happen at all. But, reportedly, it’s being discussed and developed.

Now, if this news is giving you a weird sense of déjà vu, it’s because of two things. First, this same “they’re taking writer meetings to figure out an idea” is what was reported earlier this week in regards to that live-action HBO Max Harry Potter series. Second, George R.R. Martin revealed a few months back that before HBO signed on to adapt his Song of Ice and Fire books, a prominent animation studio was interested.

HBO got the rights though and its parent company has been working overtime to make use of them. Several shows have been under consideration over the past few years with one, a live-action prequel series called House of the Dragon, filming soon for release next year. The company is also reportedly developing a show based on another Martin prequel, Dunk and Egg, though that is much further away from airing than House of the Dragon.

And this animated show, if it happens, is probably years and years away, if at all. It’s a fascinating idea though — one that would allow creators to tell stories on a scale even larger than the original show with much greater ease. (Animation is still incredibly expensive, however, so it probably wouldn’t be that much cheaper.)