Star Wars’ Alphabet Squadron Tries to Put the Space Debris Back Together in Victory’s Price

Star Wars’ Alphabet Squadron Tries to Put the Space Debris Back Together in Victory’s Price
Pilot Wyl Lark does not look happy on the cover of Victory's Price. (Image: Lucasfilm)

When we last left the intrepid pilots of the Alphabet Squadron, the ragtag group of New Republic pilots had had a rough time of it, as do most Star Wars protagonists in the middle of their trilogy. Now, author Alexander Freed is about to conclude the series with Victory’s Price, coming out on March 2. But a new excerpt shows that things are going to get a lot worse for Alphabet Squadron before they get better…if they get better.

When we last left the Squad, they were reeling with the defection of their team leader Y’rica Quell to the Empire, specifically, to her former mentor Soran Keize and the unit she flew most of her career as a TIE pilot with, the 204th “Shadow Wing”. But the other remnants of the Empire’s forces are consolidating, the Emperor’s posthumous plan to annihilate various planets is in full swing, and the Squad are damaged physically, emotionally, and vehicularly. And that’s even without dealing with Yrica directly opposing her former allies in the New Republic! has a preview from the book, and suffice it to say things don’t seem to have approved in this small excerpt from the excerpt:

“This is Lieutenant Quell of the 204th Imperial Fighter Wing. Withdraw immediately or be destroyed.”

He’d already loosed the weapon. He heard Chass swear and T5 squeal and silence from Nath and Kairos. General Syndulla had time to utter “Quell?” before the TIE activated its jammers again and Wyl was too startled to do anything but watch the exhaust trail of his missile; too startled to notice the exploding asteroid behind him until a granite chunk smashed through his depowered rear deflector and shoved his body into his harness, triggered a blaring alarm. One of his thrusters went out and he was spiraling. A thread of emerald crossed his canopy and he realised the TIE was shooting.

Yrica Quell was shooting at him.

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