Snipping Tool Bug is Keeping Windows Insider Users From Copy-Pasting Screenshots

Snipping Tool Bug is Keeping Windows Insider Users From Copy-Pasting Screenshots
Screenshot: Joanna Nelius/Gizmodo

Windows Insider members have found an issue with Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 feature pack, one that affects part of the screen-snipping utility.

“We are removing the capability to copy and paste a screen snip directly into a folder in File Explorer for now due to an issue discovered thanks to the feedback from Windows Insiders. We hope to re-enable this capability in a future update after we address this issue,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

Normally, Windows 10 users have the ability to copy-and-paste screen captures directly into a folder on their PC or into another program such as Slack. But Microsoft does not know what is causing the issue, so the company has disabled the feature for Windows Insider users only. Windows 10 users not enrolled in the program, or Insiders who have not yet applied the latest feature pack are not affected.

The Snipping Tool, and the newer Snip and Sketch, are kind of a big part of Windows 10. They’re more efficient at taking screenshots and easy for users to navigate. Instead of using the Print Screen key on the keyboard and editing/saving screenshots in a photo editing program, all that is built right into the tool. Microsoft will most likely figure out and fix what’s wrong with this part of the latest Windows Insider build before it rolls out the updates to regular users.

Microsoft has also made some small changes to the copy-paste function in Window 10 as a whole over the last several months. The clipboard, for instance, used to only store text entries, but now saves images and HTML content too, like gifs and emojis. There’s also an entire GIF section that will show users trending GIFs across the internet, and users can also access their clipboard (Windows key + V) across multiple devices by enabling the Sync Across Devices feature under settings.