Slack Went Down, America Lost Its Shit and Australia Didn’t Even Notice

Slack Went Down, America Lost Its Shit and Australia Didn’t Even Notice
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Around the world, people are returning to work after their Christmas break this week. And Slack went down just in time to welcome everyone back to the office.

In the very early hours of Tuesday morning, reports flooded in that workplace messaging system Slack was experiencing a worldwide outage. Users reported not being able to connect to their Slack workplace and couldn’t load any channels or messages. Slack support immediately began working on the issue but it was a problem for quite a few hours.

A whole lot of businesses rely on Slack to communicate, particularly now that many have transitioned to the work from home life.

The outage began around 1:00 AM on Tuesday morning and was largely resolved by 6:00 AM. Here in Australia, we didn’t even realise it was happening until opening Twitter this morning.

It was a typical case of a worldwide outage that Australia didn’t even notice. You can still relive the experience through the memes though.

The best reactions to the Slack outage

While some panicked about the status of their work for the day, many rejoiced at the prospect that Slack being down meant a day off. After all, work can’t possibly be done if you’re not on Slack to tell anyone about it, right?

For our friends in the US, this was also the first working day of the year, and what a way to start 2021. Does this say something about our productivity prospects this year?

No reason has been given for the outage, but Slack HQ mentioned jokingly in a reply that it could be to do with the massive amount of people returning to work.

People tend to lose their shit when an online service goes down. So, naturally, a few people struggled to remain calm during the Slack outage, as devs worked frantically behind the scenes to get things back up and running.

I really feel for the Slack workers who returned to the office today and had to deal with this hellfire.

Everything seems to be working as normal now so props to the team at Slack, particularly for resolving this issue in time for it to be of no consequence here in Australia.