Say Goodbye to the Strangest Year in Movies With This Heart-Pumping Trailer Supercut

Say Goodbye to the Strangest Year in Movies With This Heart-Pumping Trailer Supercut
I've decided this troll likes Rammstein. (Screenshot: DreamWorks Animation)

This might be the most overused sentence ever: 2020 was a strange time. But somehow, life still managed to happen. This included getting to see some excellent movies, although it happened in the comfort of our living rooms. This fan trailer mash-up celebrates the movies that we still managed to get in this hellscape of a year.

YouTuber Lous Plamondon (under the name Sleepy Skunk) has released his latest movie trailer supercut for some of 2020’s biggest and most notable films. It looks a little different than in years past — mostly because so many of them were movies from Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and other streaming platforms — but it still manages to capture the magic…where we happened to find it.

What’s interesting is how much of the video is dedicated to the horror genre, which had quite a moment in 2020 with movies like The Invisible Man. I’m guessing 2021 may continue that trend, given the horrifying year we just survived (although we could just as easily want a scare break!). Either way, any video that starts with “Du Hast” by Rammstein gets an A+ in my book.

That said, we’ve got to pour one out for the trailers that weren’t included in the mash-up because the movies haven’t come out yet. This includes films like Dune, Candyman, and Ghostbusters: Afterlife. We’ve still got to wait a while before these ones finally see the light of day — whether it’s in theatres or on demand — but hopefully it means 2021’s mash-up is bursting at the seams with fantastic content. Farewell 2020, you were a year we can’t wait to forget.