Russel T. Davies Wants to See Doctor Who Get More Ambitious

Russel T. Davies Wants to See Doctor Who Get More Ambitious
From the Doctor Who New Year's special. (Image: BBC)

Russel T. Davies presided over a big era in Doctor Who, managing spinoffs, creating a big franchise with a big impact. He’s no longer a Who guy, but he still has ideas. And he thinks that maybe the BBC should be taking nods from the other big sci-fi franchises.

“I was in the middle of running an empire,” Davies told Radio Times. “And my god I did that 10 years too soon, didn’t I?”

He’s, naturally, referring to the heyday of the MCU and the blossoming of a big franchised universe for other science fiction franchises — Star Wars and Star Trek. He thinks Doctor Who should follow suit.

“There should be a Doctor Who channel now. You look at those Disney announcements, of all those new Star Wars and Marvel shows, you think, we should be sitting here announcing The Nyssa Adventures or The Return of Donna Noble, and you should have the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors together in a 10-part series. Genuinely,” he said.

It’s not a stunning idea, but it’s one that BBC hasn’t quite pursued yet. Not that BBC hasn’t delved into spinoffs now and then, especially under Davies, but he seems pretty insistent that there’s real space to get more ambitious here.

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You laugh, but did Star Trek fans ever think they’d be getting a Captain Pike series? Ever? That’s insane. The whole science fiction world is so creative and so money making right now, I think your wildest dreams can come true,” he said.

Are your dreams of a big Doctor Who universe? It could work. Or maybe not. I’m not sure.