Read the Script for Pixar’s Soul Like You’re Some Hollywood Big Shot or Something

Read the Script for Pixar’s Soul Like You’re Some Hollywood Big Shot or Something
Joe's soul goes on a trek in Soul. (Screenshot: Disney+/Pixar)

One of the neat things about being a member of the Writer’s Guild of America is that sometimes you get screeners of movies being submitted for the Oscars. One of the less neat things is that you also often get sent book galleys containing a movie’s script, because unless you’re judging the Best Screenplay category or want to learn how to write a screenplay yourself, it’s like receiving a little dead tree you have to chuck directly into the recycling bin. Relatedly, you can read the script for Pixar’s Soul online!

Deadline has shared the full screenplay for Pixar’s latest movie Soul — written by Pete Docter, Kemp Powers and Mike Jones — the animation studios’ first film to feature a Black protagonist (Joe, played by Jamie Foxx). It’s a rare chance for those who, say, aren’t Hollywood big shots or Writer’s Guild members to get a look at the process that brought the film from the page to what we ultimately got on Disney+ a month ago, a surprisingly speedy bit of behind-the-scenes insight.

Although we had mixed feelings about the film, it can be cool to get a look inside the cinematic sausage factory, as it were. It seems a little weird for the screenplay to be available so soon after the film was released, but of course Soul’s release straight to Disney+ was an unconventional one, so it’s par for the course. If nothing else, maybe you’ll potentially be saving a baby tree?

Soul Feels Like Pixar’s First Black Movie Made With White People in Mind

In Pixar’s Soul, a music teacher with a burning passion for jazz suddenly dies. The event puts him on a path in the afterlife that makes him realise how he never lived with much passion during his time on Earth, and how hard he’s willing to fight for another chance.

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But if you’re intrigued either way, the script for Soul can be found here.