Otter Will Now Mercifully Transcribe Your Google Meet Calls

Otter Will Now Mercifully Transcribe Your Google Meet Calls
Screenshot: Otter/YouTube

Otter’s eliminated one more step for actually remembering who said what during Google Meet calls.

The company today announced a new Chrome extension for Google Meet to caption and transcribe meetings in real-time, similarly to how it already does for Zoom. Now, Google Meet users can skip the nuisance of having to feed an audio or screen recording through a transcription app and instead be able to keep track of meeting agendas, and users can highlight, add to, or search transcripts post-call. As we’re all battling daily Google Meet and Zoom fatigue, this tool is a welcome addition to the platform.

To enable the feature, first head to the Chrome Web Store and download the extension. Then, pin it to your extensions bar. You can do this by clicking the puzzle-shaped extensions icon and selecting the pin next to the one you want to stay put. Then, during your next Google Meet call, click the Otter extension. (You’ll need to sign in to your account.) Hit the record button to have the meeting’s transcript saved to your Otter account automatically. You can also select the CC button to make closed captions appear during the meeting.

Otter offers three subscription tiers for its service, with two individual plans to choose from. Its basic subscription is free but caps transcription minutes at 600 per month and maxes out at 40 minutes per recording. Its pro plan, which costs about $10 per month, allows for up to 6,000 transcription minutes per month and up to four hours per recording, among other added features.

Otter says the extension tool is “available in all plans with no extra charge,” which is fantastic news for folks who’d like to take this tool on a test drive before committing to yet another subscription service.