Nvidia Shield Update Brings Support for PS5 and New Xbox Controllers

Nvidia Shield Update Brings Support for PS5 and New Xbox Controllers
Photo: Catie Keck/Gizmodo

Put those next-generation controllers to good use on your streaming device.

Nvidia’s 8.2.2 update rolled out Tuesday, bringing with it welcome support for PS5 and Xbox controllers that the premium streaming device previously lacked despite the consoles having launched months ago. Now, Shield users will be able to use their DualSense or Xbox Series X/S controllers to play Android or GeForce Now games offered through the streaming devices as well.

Any of these next-generation controllers can now be paired via Bluetooth. On the PS5’s DualSense, do this by holding the Playstation and Share/Clip until the light blinks blue. On the newer Xbox controllers, connect by holding the pair button until the Xbox button flashes.

Aside from added console support, the update also introduces new games, fixes bugs, improves some volume control for Denon receivers, and adds support for the Control4 remotes and app.

Nvidia Shield devices are some of the best streaming boxes you can buy thanks to their powerful AI upscaling features. But they definitely do not come cheap: The Shield TV retails for $250, while the Pro version — which comes equipped with a pair of USB ports and 3GB of RAM — will set you back about $350. They’re streaming devices that make a lot of sense for the gaming crowd, making this week’s update for next-generation controllers a big win for gamers who’ve been able, by some miracle, to actually buy one of the consoles themselves.

At the very least, now gamers have the option of using the latest and greatest controller devices to game elsewhere.