Netflix’s Korean Sci-Fi Film Space Sweepers Amps Up the Stakes and the Action in a New Trailer

Netflix’s Korean Sci-Fi Film Space Sweepers Amps Up the Stakes and the Action in a New Trailer
Get ready for a whole lotta space explosion goodness this February. (Screenshot: Netflix)

Batman was right: some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb, especially if said bomb also happens to be an extremely lifelike android built with the body of a child.

Hot on the heels of announcing its impending arrival on the service next month, Netflix has dropped another new look at Jo Sung-Hee’s Space Sweepers. While it’s pretty similar to that trailer — in that it’s got a bunch of extremely cool stuff going on, from wild spaceship chases to a whole lot of android action — there is also plenty of new footage setting up the film’s far future.

Wild-Looking Korean Sci-Fi Epic Space Sweepers Is Coming to Netflix Next Month

Last year, the first trailer for Korean sci-fi adventure Space Sweepers made waves over social media for its over-the-top approach to space action. While the ongoing coronavirus pandemic meant it never got to hit theatres, Netflix picked up international distribution — and it’s on the way very soon.

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Set in 2092 — when humanity, seeking to escape its increasingly uninhabitable homeworld, has built civilisation up beyond Earth’s atmosphere via space elevators and orbital stations — Space Sweepers follows a small crew of junkers scraping a living by chasing after valuable space debris to break down and re-sell. But when one of their hauls brings with it a young android girl, their life of space-labour is rapidly turned upside down.

Turns out, said mystery child is seemingly linked to a plan to deploy secreted explosive devices among the populace, leading our heroes to decide whether it’s worth trying to keep the young ticking timebomb safe from her explosive destiny or simply sell her off to the highest bidder for a quick, ethically questionable buck.

Although this trailer leans a little more into the drama of the premise, there’s still plenty of the jaw-dropping action in here that made us so interested in Space Sweepers ever since Netflix picked up the distribution rights last year. That said, it seems like the carefree, hoodie-clad robot who’s part of the ragtag hero’s crew might just be the real scene-stealer beyond all the explosions. Oh, to be a chill robot hanging out on the side of a spaceship reading your holographic magazines while everyone does the hard work.

Space Sweepers drops on Netflix on February 5.