Marvel’s Moon Knight Series Has Two New Directors

Marvel’s Moon Knight Series Has Two New Directors
For Moon Knight, coming from Marvel Studios. (Image: Marvel Studios)

Oscar Isaac is (tentatively) attached to star in Disney’s upcoming Moon Knight series. Now, the project has added two additional directors to its lineup. A TV show usually needs more than one, you know.

Originally, Disney announced Mohamed Diab (Clash), an Egyptian filmmaker, to head up the series. Now, according to the Hollywood Reporter, he’s being joined by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, a creative duo behind a couple of well-liked sci-fi horror films in the indie world. Those films, The Endless and Synchronic, are both of the twisty, brain-teasing variety, which makes them well suited to Moon Knight. This is a character, after all, who is often depicted as not having an entirely straightforward understanding of reality, and who may/may not be the avenging avatar of a god.

The duo will be directing several episodes of the show, THR reports, alongside the episodes helmed by Diab. The writing will be headed up by Jeremy Slater (Umbrella Academy). No word yet on whether Moorhead and Benson will be writing, too, something they’ve often done for their own projects.

Moon Knight currently has no release date, but is slated to begin filming in March, should circumstances allow.