LG Updates Its Smart TV Platform and Magic Remote For CES

LG Updates Its Smart TV Platform and Magic Remote For CES

CEs 2021 kicks off next week but the news is already flowing. LG has just announced its latest WebOS 6.0 smart TV platform, as well as an upgraded Magic Remote.

WebOS 6.0 is here

WebOS 6.0 is the most recent update for LG smart TVs, and it will be available across the brand’s 2021 OLED, Nanocell and UHD TVs. Gizmodo Australia has confirmed that it will not be available on 2020 LG TVs or other older models.

According to LG, WebOS 6 includes an upgraded ThinQ AI, allowing for new voice commands across Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

It also introduces a redesigned home screen which LG says is also faster and streamlines content discovery based on your past viewing habits. RIP to all of you with kids!

It’s unclear whether the divisive bird cursor (which some adore and others loathe) will still be a key element of the latest iteration of WebOS.

New Remote

LGs Magic Remote will also be getting an upgrade with the new 2021 TVs.

The new version has ‘simpler’ controls and hot buttons for accessing the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+. The 2021 Magic Remote also has once-touch NFC functionality that allows the user to touch their phone to the remote to share content.

LG also seems to rely more on voice-recognition and AI to balance this more streamlined approach to the remote. This includes an upgrade to Magic Link that lets you verbally ask for extra information about what you’re watching (such as the actors and locations in the show you’re watching) and the new Next Picks feature.

This will use your viewing history to recommend more content, including live and set set-top box programs.

On the performance side of things, the Magic Remote is said to have a faster connection between your TV and other connected devices.

WebOS 6.0 will be viewable via LG’s virtual CES booth from January 11. For more CES news we got you covered right here.