Latest iPhone 13 Leak Shows Some Huge Design Changes

Latest iPhone 13 Leak Shows Some Huge Design Changes

The iPhone 13 may be a while away, but that hasn’t stopped the leaks from pouring in. One of the recent rumours suggests the new iPhone will be seeing some design changes from its predecessor.

Japanese site Macotakara, via Forbes, has apparently confirmed the iPhone 13 will be getting three design upgrades, which it learned from its supply chain sources.

iPhone notch design

The design of the notch on the iPhone 13 will be getting slimmer according to the leak. The iPhone notch is the small indent at the top of the screen that houses the front camera and receiver.

Macotakara explains the reasoning behind this is that Apple has managed to move the receiver to the edge of the iPhone’s chassis. Although this won’t remove the notch entirely, it will become thinner.

The design of the phone itself is said to be similar to the 12 range with flat edges. But it will have a slight thickness increase of 0.26mm.

Rear camera design

The second change is coming to the iPhone 13’s rear camera. The leak claims that the back cameras will be getting 0.9 mm thicker but will also be covered with sapphire glass. This will protect the entire rear camera section with a flush finish.

This isn’t the only change coming to the iPhone’s cameras with previous leaks suggesting the entire range will get LiDAR support. Currently, LiDAR only works on iPhone 12 Pro devices.

These two changes should be a nice improvement for the new iPhone 13 cameras, both in functionality and design.

Optical upgrades

The final change is said to only be coming to the iPhone 13 Pro. According to Macotakara the smaller Pro model will be getting the ultra-wide lens and sensor-shift optical image stabilisation that is currently featured in the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Rumours have suggested the iPhone 13 lineup will be similar to the 12 range, with four devices on offer. So it seems Apple will continue to give exclusive features to its Pro devices.

This leak adds itself to a number already surrounding the iPhone 13. It was reported in December that the entire iPhone 13 range would be shipping with some form of OLED display.

Two of the new models are also expected to support 120Hz refresh rates. This would vastly improve the smoothness and quality when playing games or watching videos on the iPhone.

While rumours may run rampant we likely won’t have any firm details about the iPhone 13 until Apple chooses to announce it.