Influencers And YouTubers Should Be Among The First To Get COVID-19 Vaccine

Influencers And YouTubers Should Be Among The First To Get COVID-19 Vaccine
YouTube: LazarBeam / Instagram: Kalya Itsines

There’s a rigorous debate going on about how the COVID-19 vaccine should be rolled out. Each participant in the discourse brings their own expertise: epidemiologists, public health experts, even economists have added their two cents. And now it’s my turn to weigh in: the top Instagram influencers, YouTubers and all types of online content creators should be some of the first in line for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Before you write this off as a half-baked thought bubble with a salacious headline to draw people in, fear not. I have seen thousands, if not millions of pieces of content and I am using that wealth of knowledge to make an important contribution to the public debate.

Now, you might ask: what have these creators done to get the vaccine around the same time as health care workers, essential workers and those who are most at risk?

Well, other than bringing us immense joy from their content and their occasional mishaps, there is a purpose: we need influencers, YouTubers, streamers, OnlyFans users, all types of content creators to do what they do best. Make content about getting the vaccine. And show it for what it is — a simple, quick, easy, effective and safe way of protecting yourself and your community from an awful disease.

Let’s face it: there’s a lot of people who are a bit worried or say they won’t get a vaccine.

To some extent, that’s understandable. Beyond the hard core anti-vaxxers, there are still some in the community who don’t know how rigorous vaccine development is. Further, there are many who just don’t enjoy the process of getting a shot!

What would make people comfortable is seeing just how mundane and normal it is to get the vaccine from influencers and YouTubers.

Any fears about the nefariousness of doctors or vaccine-markers would be quickly allayed when people see an ordinary GP have a quick chat with someone, give them a near painless shot, hand them a lollipop and tell them to sit down for a few minutes just to make sure they’re OK.

In fact, YouTubers, influencers and other content creators are some of best storytellers we have. And what better story is there to tell than there’s a quick, free procedure that will let them enjoy their lives and help them protect others.

Let’s call a spade a spade: some kinds of content creators haven’t got a great reputation with vaccine stuff, to say the least. In fact, those with the biggest platforms have been super spreaders of misinformation and conspiracy theories.

But we could use that power for good rather than evil. Creators should use this massive platform to their advantage — and they’d look like upstanding citizens for doing so.

LazarBeam should stream himself getting the vaccine while playing Among Us. Kayla Itsines should post an Instagram Story of doing a close quarters workout with other people who got immunised (after a safe amount of time, of course). Ozzy Man Reviews should review going to the COVID-19 centre to get a shot. Hell, Jem Wolfie should do a nurse-themed photoshoot getting a vaccine on her OnlyFans.

What’s the cost? At most, a few hundred people move a few spots in line. But in the process, they encourage their millions upon millions of followers to follow suit.

Sure, this started out a little troll-y but I really believe it. Getting the COVID-19 vaccine is one of the best things any of us could do this year — creators should take the lead and show us why it’s so good.

This is an opinion piece and does not necessarily reflect the editorial stance of Gizmodo Australia.