How to Fix the PS5’s HDR Problem on Samsung TVs

How to Fix the PS5’s HDR Problem on Samsung TVs
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The PlayStation 5 brings next-level graphics power, but unfortunately, not everyone has been able to take advantage of it. Shortly after the PS5’s release, users began to report issues with HDR performance on certain Samsung televisions.

While there still isn’t an easy fix for this issue, Samsung has provided an update on the situation.

What’s the PS5’s problem with Samsung TVs?

Basically, the PS5 has issues running at its optimum levels on some of Samsung’s premium TVs. Numerous users reported that the PS5 couldn’t deliver 4K resolution at 120Hz and while also providing HDR on their TVs.

The impacted TVs are said to be from Samsung’s 2020 4K TV lineup. The list includes the Q70T, Q80T, Q85T, Q90T, Q95T and its 8K Q900R and Q950T. The issue forces players to choose between 4K at 120Hz in SDR or 4K at 60Hz in HDR – either way missing out on the top tier performance of the console.

What is the solution?

As reported by Forbes, a moderator in a Samsung EU community thread responded to this issue, saying an update needs to be provided on Sony’s end and will be coming in March this year. This will come in the form of an update to the PS5 console rather than Samsung TVs.

The moderator recommended that users keep both their PS5 system software and TV software up to date. While the patch won’t come from Samsung it is advised that the TVs are updated with the latest firmware for stability and security reasons. The TVs also don’t require repairs so users don’t need to contact support about this.

Unfortunately, Samsung TV users will have to wait a few more weeks until March to have this problem completely fixed. In the meantime, Samsung said players can choose to reduce the frame rate to 60Hz or switch off HDR.

You can check your PS5s resolution settings by going to Settings > Screen and Video > Video Output Information. In the same Screen and Video menu, you can also toggle your HDR on or off.