A Solar-Powered Remote and MicroLED TVs Are Bringing Samsung Into the Future

A Solar-Powered Remote and MicroLED TVs Are Bringing Samsung Into the Future
Image: Samsung

Big changes are coming to the Samsung home entertainment product lineup in 2021.

The company recently announced that it was borrowing the technology used for its modular microLED display The Wall for new consumer-ready microLED TVs that don’t require professional installation. When Samsung initially broke the news last month, it had only announced a monstrous 110-inch version of this new TV. Now, however, Samsung has confirmed that its new microLED TVs will ship in 99- and 88-inch models as well. “Smaller” doesn’t really seem like the right word here, but maybe “marginally less ostentatious” is the correct way to describe these humongous screens.

We’ve yet to see these microLED displays in action, but they sound fantastic on paper. Samsung says that the TVs produce a wide colour gamut on par with pricey DSLR cameras. They also get a powerful boost from a new Micro AI Processor and what Samsung describes as 5.1 channel system that uses object-tracking to accurately deliver sound. The largest of the three can also be split into four individual streams, with each displaying its own 55-inch picture. It’s essentially four normal-sized TVs in one!

Image: Samsung Image: Samsung

One thing that’s not clear is how much they’ll cost — the company told Gizmodo it would share more information in the spring. But it’s probably safe to assume that, as with all colossal TVs, they’ll cost a small fortune.

In addition, Samsung’s popular Frame TV is getting a thinner 24.9mm frame and more customisation options, including the ability to literally frame your Frame. Additionally, its 43-inch models will now be able to be swiveled to either portrait or landscape mode.

In other exciting home entertainment news, Samsung is also introducing a new Eco Remote Control that uses indoor or outdoor light (as well as a USB-C port) to charge the wand. According to Samsung, this super-slick matte black remote lasts two years on a single charge and is made with 28% recycled polyethylene terephthalate. This neat new remote solution will ship with every 2021 Samsung QLED 4K and 8K T, which is a bonus if you happen to be holding out for one already.