10 Marvel Duos We’d Love to See Get the WandaVision Treatment

10 Marvel Duos We’d Love to See Get the WandaVision Treatment
Screenshot: Disney+
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Anything is possible in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That statement is still true even if the “cinematic” universe isn’t just “cinematic” anymore. With this week’s release of WandaVision, the MCU is now streaming too. And streaming Marvel, so far, is way weirder than movie Marvel. WandaVision takes a fantastic, nostalgic look at the relationship of two supporting characters in a way that would have been very difficult on the big screen.

So we thought, could this format work for other MCU pairings? Who else would we pay to watch a sitcom about? Here are the answers, starting with the above Okoye and W’Kabi. We know they’re together. We know they love their country. But what’s their home life like? It would be fascinating.

Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne

Screenshot: Disney+ Screenshot: Disney+

We’ll surely learn more about them in the third Ant-Man movie — but imagine seeing, not just them as a couple, but the early adventures of Ant-Man and the Wasp?

Howard the Duck and the Collector

Screenshot: Disney+ Screenshot: Disney+

Is the Collector even alive anymore? Thanos sure got his Infinity Stone. Nevertheless, when the Collector had Howard in his collection, you can only imagine the ridiculous conversations they shared.

Ned and Peter

Photo: Sony Photo: Sony

Yes, we’ve gotten lots of these two in the movies so far but their time is always so Spider-Man centric. Wouldn’t it be awesome just to see them building Lego sets and playing video games and stuff?

Carol Danvers and Maria Rambeau

Photo: Marvel Photo: Marvel

Before Carol Danvers became superpowered and left Earth, the Captain Marvel movie shows that she and Maria had a ton of fun. Let’s do a show about two fighter pilots just hanging out, drinking beer, and playing pool.

Thor and Loki

Photo: Marvel Photo: Marvel

This relationship gets explored plenty in the films as well, but tell me you wouldn’t watch many, many, many more hours of them just bickering and pranking each other.

Gamora and Nebula

Screenshot: Marvel YouTube Screenshot: Marvel YouTube

The movies, so far and likely in the future, have done a good job setting up this relationship, but that’s just scratching the surface. What was the childhood like? What do they talk about when they’re not hunting people?

Peggy and Steve

Screenshot: Disney+ Screenshot: Disney+

Who wouldn’t go wild for a show about the time between the dance seen at the end of Endgame, and old Cap from Endgame, especially now with the news of Chris Evans potentially coming back? What was their life like? Did they have kids? Why or why not? So much to explore here.

Bruce Banner and Hulk

Photo: Marvel Photo: Marvel

Imagine the scenes in The Lord of the Rings of Gollum talking to Smeagol, but in the MCU, and it’s Mark Ruffalo in both roles.

Ego and Thanos

Photo: Marvel Photo: Marvel

Technically this one isn’t possible anymore since both supreme beings are dead, but the thought of these two ego-maniacs discussing their ideas on the state of the universe would be terrifying and fascinating.