Turns Out an iPhone Can Survive Being Dropped From a Plane

Turns Out an iPhone Can Survive Being Dropped From a Plane
Image: G1

Everyone has dropped their phone at some point in their life. Usually we don’t have to drop an iPhone very far for it to be rendered into a shattered mess. But one guy has answered an age-old question: can your iPhone survive after being dropped from a plane? The answer is yes. And it wasn’t even one of those ‘shatterproof’ iPhone 12s either.

Filmmaker Ernesto Galiotto was flying in a small aircraft 300m above a beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, when he decided to capture some footage from his iPhone. Poking his iPhone 6S out the open window of the plane, Galiotto then lost his grip, sending the phone plummeting to its presumed death. Except it survived.

As reported by G1, Galietto managed to pick up a signal from his fallen phone with the Find my iPhone feature. The iPhone had managed to land on the same beach, intact, with only the screen protector damaged.

“It is something that, if you tell someone, they wouldn’t believe you,” Galiotto told G1. He also had some concerns about the flying object hitting an unsuspecting civilian below, an incident that was also luckily avoided.

If this sounds ridiculous, there is actually video proof of the incident from the iPhone involved. Seeing as Galiotto was filming when his phone fell out the window, it managed to capture its dramatic fall. You can see the footage over on G1.

All that can really be seen is 15 seconds of a nausea-inducing blur of colour until the phone lands camera facing upwards in the sand. But a miraculous journey, nonetheless.

Would you believe this isn’t the first time something like this has happened? Mashable reports that in 2015 a man dropped his phone 2800m from a small plane after a drop in pressure caused the internal door to open. He found it working, again thanks to Find my iPhone, with only a few scratches and the external battery missing from his Mophie case.