This YouTuber Used Cardi B Songs To Kill Mosquitoes

This YouTuber Used Cardi B Songs To Kill Mosquitoes

There aren’t many mosquito fans out there. In fact, people want to kill them — perhaps even all of them. And some have figured out very creative ways to get rid of them: specifically, killing mosquitos using Cardi B music.

A YouTuber has come up with a very creative way to stop mosquitos using a custom electronic project.

A US-based account called Shane uploaded a video outlining his idea about how to rid of the world of one of it’s worst pests.

“Mosquitos kill a million humans a year, making them the world’s most dangerous animals to humans. To summarise, mosquitos suck — which strangely sounds a lot like today’s popular music artists,” he said.

“Which led me to think, can I fight fire with fire? Can I kill mosquitos with bad music?”

At first, he set up a tank with some mosquito larvae, put a sound system next to it, and played music with the intention of hurting the creatures.

The playlist included Cardi B’s debut album, the Catch Me Outside girls’ sound, Rebecca Black’s Friday and even Spanish version of Baby Shark.

“No sane creature should ever be forced to hear the contents of this playlist,” he quipped.

But, after an hour, nothing had happened.

“If anything, the degenerate creatures were quite enjoying it,” he said.

So then, he converted his ultrasonic sound gun to something that could play his music and installed piezo pickup transducers so that he could play the music directly into the tank.

And it worked. While Shane liked to imagine that he drove the mosquitos insane, what actually happened was the frequency of the sound that resonates pockets of air in the mosquito larvae.

Essentially, he says, playing Cardi B at this frequency made the larva’s organs rupture.

And while this is an extremely effective during his use, he cautions against using it in any pond: the same frequency could hurt other useful creatures like frogs and fish.

But, if you’re looking for a way to rid a stagnant empty pond of mosquito larvae, this could be one solution — even if you’re a Cardi B fan.