The Wrong Turn Horror Movie Franchise Has Apparently Gotten a Lot Weirder

The Wrong Turn Horror Movie Franchise Has Apparently Gotten a Lot Weirder
Should have gone to the beach. (Screenshot: Saban Films)

I consider myself a pretty informed horror fan, but I was not aware until just now that there have been six films in the Wrong Turn series. Six! And now there’s about to be a seventh, simply titled Wrong Turn. Ready to head back to the murderous wilderness?

The Wrong Turn movies began back in 2003 with a particularly brutal retelling of the ol’ backwoods-peril nightmare; if memory serves, it took cues from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The Hills Have Eyes, and the legendary X-Files episode “Home,” and starred a just-post-Buffy Eliza Dushku. Nearly 20 years later, the trailer for the new Wrong Turn looks suggests a lot of universe-expanding has gone on in the meantime, with the original film’s writer, Alan B. McElroy (Star Trek: Discovery), penning the screenplay for new director Mike P. Nelson. Feast your eyes:

Entertainment Weekly first shared the trailer, and notes that this Matthew Modine-starring entry is a “reimagining” of the original story, following a group of Appalachian Trail hikers who stumble across “the Foundation,” whose survivalist tendencies look a little more sophisticated than the Leatherface-ish family we met in the first film. But also: rustic booby traps and twisted patriotism!

Wrong Turn will play in select theatres for one night (January 26, 2021) before presumably making its way to home viewing.