The Romanian Monolith Has Also Disappeared And We Can’t Keep Up

The Romanian Monolith Has Also Disappeared And We Can’t Keep Up
Image: Newsflash

The latest monolith drama has arrived, folks. It seems the Romanian Monolith, which was doing the news rounds on Monday, has now also disappeared. Are we all keeping up?

Monolith: How it started

Monolith Madness has been keeping the internet on the edge of its collective seat since last week. It began with the discovery of a mysterious monolith in Utah on November 19 Despite its recent spotting, it has been there for awhile.

Redditor’s utilised Google Earth’s historical imaging data to narrow down the appearance of the Utah Monolith to sometime between August 2015 and October 2016.

While some are speculating that it was evidence of aliens, others have pointed out that the Monolith’s location is relatively close to areas where films and television shows are often shot.

The plot thickened when the 3.7-metre Utah monolith disappeared over the weekend.

Despite the monolith being placed illegally, the Utah Bureau of Land Management has stated that it did not remove the structure.

It is still unclear who got rid of the Utah Monolith, but considering it was drawing tourists, someone may have decided to get cheeky.

utah monolith
The monolith in rural Utah (Utah Department of Public Safety) and the newly discovered location (Google Earth) (Image: Utah Department of Public Safety/Google Earth)

How it’s going

We thought that perhaps that was the end of it, but then another similar Monolith was discovered in the Romanian city of Piatra Neamt.

Standing at around four metres tall, it was a similar shape to the Utah Monolith, but had a different pattern. While the Utah version was plain, the Romanian Monolith had squiggles across it.

At the present time its unclear who erected the second monolith.

But just as soon as it entered our hearts and minds, it has now also disappeared. It seems it only lasted about four days.

“The 2.8 metre tall structure disappeared overnight as quietly as it was erected last week,” Robert Iosub, a local journalist, told Reuters.

“An unidentified person, apparently a bad local welder, made it … now all that remains is just a small hole covered by rocky soil.”

While we don’t know the reason behind its removal yet, it was perhaps due to the nature of its erection spot at Batca Doamnei Hill, which is an archaeological landmark. Romanian police are currently investigating the illegal structure.

“It is in a protected area on an archaeological site… Before installing something there, they needed permission from our institution, one that must then be approved by the Ministry of Culture,” Neamt Culture and Heritage official, Rocsana Josanu, said earlier in the week.

Or maybe is was Them Aliens.