The EPA Just Joined Parler and It’s Going How You’d Expect

The EPA Just Joined Parler and It’s Going How You’d Expect
Photo: OLIVIER DOULIERY / Contributor, Getty Images

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency received the distinguished honour of becoming the first federal agency to join Parler on Monday, and the welcome the account is getting from the users of a right-wing social media platform that bills itself as a “free speech” alternative to Twitter is pretty much exactly what you’d expect.

Beneath the agency’s extremely banal first post on the app about the EPA’s mission to “protect human health and the environment,” a user named MAGAJesusIsKING commented “You are a cock sucking CLIMATE NAZI!!!!”

Under a separate post about the major environmental threat that acid rain posed in the 1980s, user Endtheswamp1 wrote, “You are so full of shit your eyes must all be brown. #ZeroPointEnergy has existed for over a century. Go fuck yourselves for being part of the cover up.” Zero Point Energy, naturally, refers to the baseless conspiracy theory that scientists have invented a no-cost, pollution free, unlimited energy source that they are wilfully suppressing in order to ensure that world leaders can still profit off of fossil fuel exports.

As Gizmodo has previously reported, “repeatedly responding to people with unrelated comments like ‘Fuck you’ in every comment” is one of five no-no’s outlined by Parler CEO John Matze (other rules include no usernames “like ‘CumDumpster’” and no porn). Ironically, Twitter — the website many Parler users abandoned in protest over what they consider its extreme censorship protocols — has no such rule.

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler also joined the app on Monday, with MAGAJesusIsKING providing a similarly heartwarming welcoming message: “YOU ARE DEEPSTATE.”

Users migrating to Parler from Twitter are bound to feel right at home.