The Best Gadgets for Working From My Dream Office: the Bed

The Best Gadgets for Working From My Dream Office: the Bed
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This year was rough. I don’t know about you, but I spent a troubling number of hours in my bed, curled up with my blankets and plushies, sinking into my mattress as a way to forget the horrendous news cycle. For many of us, the ability to work from home also opened up new possibilities: Working From Bed.

Or, if the #bedlyfe isn’t your jam, then you must be the annoyingly chipper spouse/roommate/parent who drags the rest of us kicking and screaming from under the covers every morning. I ask you: Why? Beds are warm and comfy. The world is cold and harsh. In dire times, being comfortable is the ultimate form of self-care. With the right tools, the bed can be more than just for sleeping — it can be a gateway to the comfy life.

Carepeutic Backrest Lounger With Heated Comfort Massager ($168.35)

Image: Amazon Image: Amazon

I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t matter how many pillows I stack on top of each other, nothing really gives me the back support I need. This baby is a husband pillow with massagers built into the backrest. Support and tension relief. Plus, it comes with an adjustable reading light, side pocket for magazines, books and smartphones, as well as a built-in cup holder (hydration is important, OK?). So what if it’s hideous?

Couchmaster CYCON 2 ($225)

Image: Nerdytec Image: Nerdytec

Listen, listen. Even though this is called a Couchmaster, if you really think about it, your bed can also be a couch — especially if you have a daybed. Who says you can’t prop a giant 65-inch TV on top of a drawer at the foot of your bed as a makeshift TV console? Not me! I legitimately have this setup right now. And while your lap is a fine place for your laptop, you will probably burn your thighs over the course of an 8-hour workday. This thing features a lapboard and mouse pad, and six USB 3.0 ports, with a nifty cable management system. WORK STATION. And with a little creativity, even desktop users can get in on that bed life. Just hook your desktop to your TV so it can act as your monitor, invest in a keyboard and a mouse, buy this thing, and voilá.

Tech Bed ($US2,950 ($3,872))

Image: TechBed Image: TechBed

My first two suggestions were a makeshift, budget option for what every bed-lover really wants. And that’s this Tech Bed. It’s got a desk, a speaker for your music, a built-in safe box, a massage chair, built-in storage at the foot of the bed, a cabinet on the left side of the bed, and an adjustable headboard. And it comes in 30 colours and multiple bed sizes! You could literally stash 90% of what you need in the bed itself. You could roll over when you’re tired into the massage chair for some pampering. I have spent several minutes pitching this to my husband to no avail. But while my dreams have been crushed under his financially responsible boot, yours (or someone you love) don’t have to be.