Samsung Galaxy Note: Goodnight, Sweet Prince

Samsung Galaxy Note: Goodnight, Sweet Prince

Over the last couple of months leaks for the Samsung Galaxy S21 have surfaced. This included S Pen functionality — a feature that has been previously reserved for the Note series. As it turns out, this may have been an early indication that the Samsung Galaxy Note is being discontinued.

The Samsung Galaxy Note might be discontinued

According to Reuters, it has spoken to sources who have confirmed that a Samsung Galaxy Note 21 will not be developed next year.

According to another source, the development of the next Note that would usually occur at this time of year has been redistributed to foldable production.

Instead, both the S21 and the next Samsung Galaxy foldable will apparently have S Pen compatibility. They are also said to be sold separately.

This tracks with previous rumours about the S21 having S Pen support but not shipping with one. And as we reported last month, there will apparently be no internal garage in the S21 to charge the S Pen. Instead, a case that can house the stylus will be sold.

It’s currently unclear if the next generation Samsung Galaxy foldables will be able to internally charge the S Pen, like the Note series can.

A niche phone that dared to be different

samsung galaxy note
Happier times taking a selfie with the Note 9 S Pen

The Galaxy Note series was first introduced back in 2011. A more niche product, it offered a larger screen as well as the S Pen, differentiating it significantly from other Samsung and Android phones alike. As a result it had quite an enthusiast following.

The latest flagship in the series, the Samsung Note 20, was quite spectacular. Though it was pricey and suffered some inconsistencies on the camera and battery front, in my opinion it surpassed the S20 range in design, power and photographs.

I enjoyed my time with the Note 20 and have missed it over the past couple of months.

I find myself lamenting the prospect of the Note disappearing. The Note 9 was the first phone to convert me into a stylus enthusiast. And I’ve always enjoyed that it was a mainstream phone that dared to be different.

While these are still just rumours, I get the feeling they’re accurate, and that saddens me.

Please prove me wrong, Samsung.