Report: Oscar Isaac Is the Metal Gear Solid Movie’s Solid Snake

Report: Oscar Isaac Is the Metal Gear Solid Movie’s Solid Snake
When they were talking about the guns of the patriots, they were referring to Oscar's arms. (Photo: Richard Harbaugh, Getty Images,Image: Yoji Shinkawa/Konami, Getty Images)

Kept you waiting, huh?

Deadline and the Hollywood Reporter have word that Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ (Kong: Skull Island) long-in-gestation attempt to bring the legendary Hideo Kojima video game franchise Metal Gear Solid to life has found its sneaking hero: Oscar Isaac, Star Wars (and maybe Moon Knight) star, will play Solid Snake.

The major protagonist of the Metal Gear games, Metal Gear Solid, and Metal Gear Solid 4: The Guns of the Patriots, Solid Snake is an all-time gaming icon, the superspy tasked with infiltrating the mysterious Foxhound terrorist organisation and confronting the genetic sins of his past in the process.

The movie, which has been in gestation for years at this point, has long been a passion project for Vogt-Roberts, who has tirelessly pushed to bring the tactical espionage thriller’s story of proxy wars, nuke-firing mecha, and nanomachines to the big screen without much in the way of forward progress. The casting of its star is a huge step toward one of gaming’s most (infamously or otherwise) cinematic franchises finally emerging from under that inconspicuous cardboard box and onto the big screen.