New York Pulled Two Whole Cars From The Gowanus Canal

New York Pulled Two Whole Cars From The Gowanus Canal

A New York City dredging crew fished out a whole-arse car from the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, and it wasn’t even the first.

The two cars were pulled from the infamously polluted Gowanus in the span of just seven days. The first was dredged out Friday, Dec. 4 2020, and Thursday a contractor reported a second car to local authorities, as first reported by Pardon Me For Asking.

Sources located the extraction of the first car to “the East side of the canal between the 1st Street Basin and the Carroll Street Bridge.” The second car was more or less pulled from within the same vicinity as the first, shown further below:

The Gowanus Canal is one of the EPA’s Superfund sites in New York City, designated as such due to the high level of pollution and industrial waste local industry has dumped into the waterway for decades now. Clean-up efforts have been ongoing for years but less than a month ago, starting on November 16, 2020, the PRP Group began dredging the upper portion of the Gowanus. Both cars have been extracted from the canal in these recent rounds of clean-up.

These renewed efforts to clean up the canal are a great development and proof New York City is taking steps to redress the pollution and industrial waste plaguing the waterway. The only question I have is this one: Why are they both sedans? Well, alright, maybe I have two questions: Are they both sedans?

You hate to see it. I love a good sedan. It’s possible a larger or taller car would have not remained hidden in the canal for very long. There is some speculation that the first car pulled was a Mercedes, and this second seems a bit indistinct to rule on. Both vehicles have been taken off-site to be cleaned and searched. We may have a definitive make and model in the next few days and, hopefully, an explanation as to how two entire cars were found in the canal.