More WandaVision Footage Teases Scarlet Witch’s Most Traumatic Comic Storyline

More WandaVision Footage Teases Scarlet Witch’s Most Traumatic Comic Storyline
Oh, Wanda. What good can come of this lie? (Screenshot: Marvel Studios)

The Borderlands movie finds another member of its party. James Cameron shares more snaps from the last bit of Avatar filming in 2020. Matthew Rhys is set to star in the adaptation of Dark Horse Comics’ Wyrd. Plus, new looks at The Stand and teaser pics from The Witcher season 2. Spoilers, away!


According to The Illumunerdi, Kevin Hart will join Cate Blanchett in the cast of the Borderlands movie as Roland, one of the main characters from the first game in the series. He’s described as “a decent man and grizzled veteran, as well as a former member of the Crimson Lance who now operates as a soldier.”

Avatar 2-5

Filming has temporarily concluded on the Avatar sequels for the next two weeks of 2020.

Willy’s Wonderland

Bloody-Disgusting has five new character posters from Willy’s Wonderland.

Photo: Screen Media Photo: Screen Media
Photo: Screen Media Photo: Screen Media
Photo: Screen Media Photo: Screen Media
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Photo: Screen Media Photo: Screen Media

The Pink Cloud

A deadly, pink cloud of unknown origin forces everyone on Earth to stay inside in the trailer for The Pink Cloud, a Sundance selection written three years before, well…y’know.



Matthew Rhys will star as the titular character in a TV series based on the Dark Horse comic book series Wyrd from Sheldon Turner. The series centres on Wyrd (Rhys) “who was sent to earth in an attempt to better understand humanity. When his people don’t come back for him, he’s forced to assimilate – all while investigating paranormal activity and searching for a way home.” His Americans co-star Keri Russell is attached to co-produce.


The Disasters

Deadline reports a television series based on M. K. England’s The Disasters is now in development at the CW from Supergirl writer Derek Simon. Described as “The Breakfast Club meets Guardians of the Galaxy”, the series, set “in a near-future where humans have colonised space to save Earth from climate crisis” follows “a group of washouts from Earth’s prestigious military academy who are framed for treason and forced to go on the run to the Colonies to clear their names.”

Secret Guide to Celestial Creatures

Deadline also reports Disney+ is developing Secret Guide to Celestial Creatures, an action-adventure drama series focusing on “a Korean American family of legendary guardians who protect the supernatural community that live among us in plain sight.”


Meanwhile, J.J. Abrams will produce a series based on Patrick Ness’s new fantasy novel, Burn, about a dragon named Kazimir hired to work on the Dewhurst family farm in Washington during the Cold War, “something only the poorest of the poor ever have to resort to.” Kazimir himself, however, “has arrived at the farm with a prophecy on his mind: a prophecy that involves a deadly assassin, a cult of dragon worshippers, two FBI agents in hot pursuit — and somehow, Sarah Dewhurst herself.” [/Film]


Production on the Peacemaker TV series apparently begins production sometime in the next two weeks.

The Witcher

The Witcher’s official Twitter page is doling out set pics via a Choose Your Own Adventure-style poll.

The Stand

Spoiler TV has photos from the premiere episode of The Stand. Click through to have a look.



Marvel has released yet another WandaVision TV spot, including a shot of Wanda and Vision with two children — a hint of the major comics storyline with the pair where Wanda magicks herself twin boys, introducing the heroes that eventually become Wiccan and Speed, members of the Young Avengers.

Swamp Thing

Finally, the CW’s presentation of Swamp Thing concludes next week with a new trailer for “Loose Ends.”

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