New Monolith Appears in New Mexico and We Dare You to Erect One at Area 51

New Monolith Appears in New Mexico and We Dare You to Erect One at Area 51

Several days after an Artist Collective claimed responsibility for the monoliths that Just Keep Popping Up another one has appeared.

The latest maddening silver structure has shown up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. And look, I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

A few days ago artist collective, The Most Famous Artist, took credit for the monoliths. It has released concept art and pictures of the monoliths across its social media channels and has even been trying to sell them. 

But the group still hasn’t admitted to placing the original monoliths. In interviews with Mashable and New York post, it has remained cagey.

“I am not able to say much because of legalities of the original installation. I can say we are well known for stunts of this nature and at this time we are offering authentic art objects through monoliths-as-a-service. I cannot issue additional images at this time but I can promise more on this in the coming days and weeks.”Founder, Matty Mo, told Mashable in a Twitter DM.

The group has also released an official statement saying that the monoliths are the work of aliens.

While this doesn’t really explain how one showed up in Romania, it’s likely this was the work of a copycat. The European structure was different to the others in terms of size and the pattern that adorned it.

New Mexico Monolith

And now one has appeared in New Mexico. Perhaps this was The Most Famous Artist doubling down on the alien angle. Or maybe a different culprit wanted to throw the collective’s semi-confession into question.

It does seem awfully convenient that after someone sort-of-but-not-really-for-legal-reasons claimed responsibility, suddenly a fresh one appears in the Alien State.

New Mexico is of course the home to Roswell, where rumours of UFO sightings have been circulating since 1947. It’s the perfect place for a monolith, really.

While the authorities in previous monolith erections haven’t been particularly pleased, Albuquerque mayor, Tim Keller, is having a bit of fun with it. He even snuck in a cute X-Files reference.

“We want to believe,” Keller tweeted on December 8.

“#Monolith has been spotted in ABQ! What do you think it means?”

I hope the next one appears right outside the boundaries of Area 51 for more big alien energy. It’s no weirder than that time I did a Naruto run at border while the feds watched.

Do it, cowards.

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