That iPhone Message Notification Bug is Worse Than We Thought

That iPhone Message Notification Bug is Worse Than We Thought
Image: Apple

If you’ve been having issues with missing messages and notifications on iOS 14, you’re not the only one. This iOS 14 bug is ongoing and we don’t know when it will be fixed.

These issues were first reported back in November. According to a large number of users across social media and the Apple Support forums, some notifications for Messages and iMessage are still failing to appear.

This includes lock screen and audio notifications as well as a display badge for the Messages app. According to 9To5Mac, there are over 40 pages of related complaints on the Apple Support forums alone.

“I am not getting sound notifications on text messages nor is the banner showing up on my locked screen. I have an iPhone 11 and just downloaded the latest iOS 14. Have reset my phone twice now. Please advise. Thank you,” said one user.

“I have not been getting sound notifications for text messages for a number of months. I have tried 20 different suggested fixes and nothing works. I have tried the do not disturb settings, notification settings, volume button settings, my watch settings, and absolutely nothing will fix it. I had a competition in my office to see if anyone could fix it and no one could. I can’t keep using Apple because I cannot go without getting notifications for text messages. I’m about to put out a reward for finding the solution! I have the new iOS 14 and new Apple Watch 6. So frustrating,” said another user.

Back in November Apple released an iOS 14.2.1 update for iPhone 12 only. This addressed issues with MMS messages, but the wider Messages issue was not solved.

It was also has not been addressed in the beta for iOS 14.3. However, with it being released to the general public this week it’s possible Apple could sneak it in at the last moment. Hopefully impacted users won’t have to wait for iOS 14.3.1



Disclaimer: the author owns shares in Apple.