Google 2020 Search Trends Reveal We Have NFI What Day It Is

Google 2020 Search Trends Reveal We Have NFI What Day It Is

The Eldritch Horror of a year that is 2020 proven to us that time isn’t reveal. It has lasted both a decade and a mere minute. If at any point you had to stop and ponder what the day actually is. Google has revealed you’re not alone.

Google recently revealed its 2020 search trends and buried amongst some true gold was our complete ignorance of what the current day is.

Google’s Year in Search shows that people Googling ‘what day is it’ as steadily grown since 2004. However, it jumped exponentially in 2020.

And in a year of such instability and fear, you can’t really blame us. The best case scenario is you have NFI if it’s Tuesday or Wednesday because you’ve spent the last week working from home in your PJs. Worst case scenario, you’ve been ill or had to deal with unemployment

Google Search trending topics worldwide

The top search results on Google in 2020 certainly had some themes. The biggest searches involved coronavirus, the US election, the NBA and online work and education solutions.

  1. Coronavirus

  2. Election results

  3. Kobe Bryant

  4. Zoom

  5. IPL

  6. India vs New Zealand

  7. Coronavirus update

  8. Coronavirus symptoms

  9. Joe Biden

  10. Google Classroom

Google Search trending topics in Australia

Here in Australia there was some crossover with worldwide search — particularly in relation to coronavirus, the US election and the NBA. But there was also a focus on bushfires and the weather.

  1. US election

  2. Coronavirus

  3. NBA

  4. Zoom

  5. Coronavirus symptoms

  6. Kobe Bryant

  7. Weather tomorrow

  8. Fires near me

  9. Coronavirus Victoria

  10. Trump vs Biden

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go Google what day it is.