Daft Punk’s Rare Tron: Legacy Tracks Are Now Available for Streaming

Daft Punk’s Rare Tron: Legacy Tracks Are Now Available for Streaming
Daft Punk getting ready to play a game. (Screenshot: Disney)

The degree to which you’ve heard the full extent of Daft Punk’s Tron: Legacy soundtrack depends on just how dedicated you’ve been to tracking down the whole of the duo’s discography over the past 10 years.

While the original soundtrack’s over a decade old at this point, different supplementary tracks have popped up over time on various releases tied to different platforms. Today, though, that’s all changing as Tron: Legacy — The Complete Edition hits most major streaming services and brings nine previously (somewhat) difficult-to-find songs together to, well, complete the soundtrack album as Daft Punk intended.

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Of course the “new” music drop doesn’t at all mean that Disney’s made any further advancements on its much-discussed next entry in the Tron movie series, but here’s a reminder that Jared Leto recently entered the chat on that front.

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So it seems that whole Tron 3 thing may be happening again.

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