Cobra Kai Season 3 Is Debuting a Week Early

Cobra Kai Season 3 Is Debuting a Week Early
Xolo Mariduena and William Zabka party in Cobra Kai season 3. (Photo: Netflix)

Next year is starting off the best way possible: we’re getting a brand new season of Cobra Kai. The hit Netflix show was set to debut season three on January 8 but today it was revealed it’ll be out a week earlier, on January 1. The perfect way to ring in the new year.

Cobra Kai debuted on YouTube in 2018 and ran for two seasons before moving to Netflix earlier this year. That was when a semi-popular series became something so much more. Plus, we already have a season four to look forward to!

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“[When Cobra Kai] went to Netflix…it just shot to the moon,” executive producer Josh Heard told Gizmodo recently. “All of a sudden people were telling us, ‘Hey, there’s this new show Cobra Kai, have you heard of it?’ We realised that it had just hit this moment in the zeitgeist at a time in which people were stuck in their homes. And it was just magical…The Netflix exposure and that experience was like nothing we could have imagined.”

Season three was completed before the pandemic but held back so the show could find a new audience on Netflix before everyone got new episodes. That means, for fans who watched on YouTube, it has been 20 months since we saw new episodes. Hopefully, it won’t be 20 more after that since season four is already in the works.

“The funny thing about Cobra Kai is the three of us have been friends for 25 years and we’ve been talking about The Karate Kid for 25 years together,” executive producer Jon Hurwitz told Gizmodo. “And when we’re making the show, we’re talking about Karate Kid, and now Cobra Kai, all the time. And when we’re not making this show, we’re talking about it. We’re constantly coming up with ideas…So it’s an ongoing conversation. Whenever we finish this season, we’re always well ahead of the game in terms of where we’re going for the next year’s writers’ room.”

Check back next week for our review of the latest season and for more from our interview with the executive producers, including a full spoiler discussion, early next year. Cobra Kai — starring Ralph Macchio, William Zabka, and Tamlyn Tomita reprising her role as Kumiko — starts streaming January 1, 2021.

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